We'll Begin with a Conversation:
Although I have a number of pieces that are available immediately, most items will be custom made for you (taking 6 to 12 weeks). Just pick up the phone or send me an email and we can put our heads together. If you see something in my portfolios that suits you, the conversation might be short and work can begin soon.  Other times, there is a longer conversation, a design process, and a little more conversation. Either way, I listen well and will help you identify solutions and aesthetic choices that work for you and contribute fresh energy and feeling to your home, business, church, or synagogue.

Within the Chicago area, I can visit you for a no-obligation consultation. Nevertheless, most of my clients are from out of state and we don't find this to be a great problem.  Ideas, photos, and illustrations are easily transmitted by email.  Shipping to all states is routine and dependable.

The Portfolios:
The full range of work is available for viewing as several universal PDF portfolios. I hope you will take the extra minute to view them - they communicate more information and present you with higher quality images.

Custom Design:
I welcome custom requests. Typically we will first discuss your needs, your preferences, design, size, and materials. After our first conversation, I can provide a rough cost estimate and rough completion date. Design work will usually require a one time up-front design fee that will be applied toward the cost of the final project. You can expect to see renderings of custom ideas or sizes within 2 to 4 weeks. The renderings I will show you are often photographic in quality, so that you can easily understand the designs. Example 1. Example 2.  Later when we agree on a design, I will give you a firm price, a detailed drawing, and a written proposal - anything that you need to feel comfortable about where the project is headed. The building process is timely and short delays only happen when I need an extra week or two to get your project just right.

Prices can be quoted at any time by email, phone (815-943-4099) or fax (360-937-6485).  Here are some rough guidelines for residential furniture work:
Wood or steel coffee tables and side tables $3-4K.
Steel pedestals $2K
Wood or steel dining tables start at $7K.
Bronze prices average 1.7 times steel prices. Steel prices average 60% of bronze prices.

There are exceptions to these prices - do ask, regardless of your budget.
Please check out my Vintage Orth page.

Steel vs Bronze:
Steel can be substituted for most of the bronze items at a fraction of the cost. Both come in several rich, natural patinas. Check toward the back of the bronze & steel portfolio (5M PDF) for more information on the variety of steel finishes that can be used as an alternative to bronze.

Work is guaranteed to be free from defects of craftsmanship and materials for 3 years.

Trade Business Welcome:
I encourage the public to work with their designers and architects.  Trade members please contact me for information.

Delivery & Shipping:
Generally you can expect delivery in 8 to 12 weeks from the placement of the order, but this will depend on the time of year and other factors. Please confirm your approximate delivery date at the time of order. For medium & larger projects we provide free delivery and setup within the Chicago/Milwaukee/Rockford area. Installation work will incur a reasonable fee. Shipping out of state is routine and dependable. Most coffee tables and side tables will ship for about $500 to points in Florida or California.

Payments by check or credit card (via PayPal) are welcomed. A 30-50% deposit is required to lock in the price and begin the work. If the project is large, then a second 30% deposit may be requested when the construction is completed and the item is ready to be finished. Otherwise final payment is required at the time of delivery. If your project is to be shipped then I will send you detailed photos of the completed project, you will make the final payment, and I will call the shippers.