Orth Graphic Services

Graphic Image Editing, Portfolio Design, & Marketing Consultation
for Artists & Small Business


A successful practice in the arts or crafts requires bold, focused marketing tools that are as good as the art itself. Excellent artists often flounder and struggle for work because they don't know how to put together a portfolio that says "wow", "professional", "experienced", "awesome", etc. Unfortunately there are a hundred little ways to give the public a wrong idea. If you show us a poor photo of the Taj Mahal, it's going to bore us. If you don't say a few words to us about it, we don't get the connection. If you frame it on a distracting page, we don't even see it. The Taj Mahal is magnificent, but we are a little slow to understand - unless you help us. Don't do this to your own art.

Artists & craftspeople have a huge marketing advantage over most kinds of business. Our work itself is visual and intrinsically interesting to the public. We already have the biggest component of marketing in our hands - a feast of eye candy! Nevertheless, we need to package and contextualize these images to help the buying public really see us and see our art - to give the public a window into our own minds. If they could take a peek in there, they would come away with a lingering vision of our work, its quality, and depth. A common mistake of artists is to show too much breadth and not enough depth. The way to show breadth is by having separate portfolios of different categories: abstracts, figures, functional, sculpture, 2D, etc. The individual portfolios should be focused.

One of the most important tools I have developed is an in-depth, multi-page portfolio that can be used across several media - especially useful for the web and for desktop printers. This gives you a high-impact portfolio that can be handed to a prospective client, emailed, or placed on the web. I have used this approach extensively for myself and have helped other artists turn their business around with this approach. These are so much better than the usual web-based thumbnails or slide shows. Even in their digital, web-based versions, they have a kind of physicality that draws the viewer along on a journey of compelling images of your work and carefully metered-out insight. Examples.

Please contact me for a free consultation. I am happy to speak with you at no charge or obligation about your own marketing situation. Fees for portfolio development and image editing are reasonable - starting at $50 per page for letter sized portfolios. Even a 6 page portfolio can change the way the public views your art.

Design services include:

  • digital image editing
  • portfolio / catalog development
  • flyers, posters, and brochures
  • letterheads and business cards
  • and more